Our Partners & Friends.

All staff members of the following companies/organizations will enjoy a 10% Discount on Small Appliances & Personal Care not in promotion*, 7% Discount on Built-In Appliances not in promotion*, 5% Discount on Other Products not in promotion* and a 20% Discount on Service fees. Please contact your company/organization on how to benefit from discounts when purchasing from Enix Trading outlets. Terms and Conditions Apply.

If your company/organization is not listed below and you would like to become a part of our list of Partners to benefit from our special discounts, kindly contact us via email to marketing@enix-trading.com to request information of how to join the AtoZ's Partners Discount Scheme.

*Items that are on Special Promotions, such as "A-Dealz", "AtoZ Promotion", "In-store Promotions", "Brand Discounts", "Seasonal Promotions" and/or similar offers do not qualify for further discounts.